In 1963 I rented 1/2 of Lou Sherril's building across the street form the where the shop was for so long. I built several boats there. The present shop building was for rent so I was able to do that. I was there for 43 years...!!!

Bob and his partner Don Jorakmon fished lobsters out of this skiff at Santa Barbra Island between 1958-1963. They would leave in the morning, fish all day, then sleep on the deck in sleeping bags. Fish the next day and then come home. Pretty hardcore.! It was powered by a direct drive chrysler crown engine. Top speed 23 knots cruise at 17 Bob says this is the second "seaway"

I worked for Jefferies Boat co. in 1957 for about 6 months and got some good experience. Then in January of 1958 I started Seaway Boat Co.. Don Miller was my partner when I started the shop. We built a 20' runabout owned jointly. I had to close the shop in 1962. Don took the boat and I kept the tools. I went to work on the Pacific Queen, converting it to a sportfishing boat. Then in June 1962 I went fishing on an albacore bait boat for 4 months, when I got back from fishing albacore I fished lobster for 1 more season.

One of the 5 boats built in vacant lot in Torrance to fish shrimp around the breakwater in San Pedro

I built 5 more boats in my backyard, including a Dory planked with Port Orford Cedar. The planks came in 20' x 8" lengths without a knot in them. After 2 years active duty in the Naval reserve running an AVR around San Nicolas island, I built an 18' boat in a vacant lot in Torrance.

My first boat.

Seaway Boat Co. A brief history written by Bob Stapp
I built my first boat when I was 14. I met Bob Hogan while fishing on Manhattan pier. we went to his house one afternoon and there was an 11’ flat bottom skiff in his backyard. I asked him where he got it and he told me he built it!

​I thought to myself, if he can build a boat, I can build a boat.! My dad bought me some plans out of popular science magazine and I built my first boat. Bob became an LACO lifequard and later ran a boatyard in Hawaii.