1985 Hull#2236

22' x 8 1/2 Seaway vessel name "Simone" 2 fuel tanks Chevy small block 350 v8, brand new gas engine.Garmin electronics package 740s 3 blade 16x16 prop with 1 1/4 inch shaft. Bait tank size TBD. Will be used as a pleasure fishing boat around Catalina, hoop netting for fun and family boat.

"Jig Strike" history- This boat was built in the mid 80's as a commercial barracuda jig boat. Bob and the owner Jerry Kruse used to kill the Cuda on this thing. I saw it firsthand one day. Bob tells a story of one day him and Jerry had 1100 pounds in one circle, back at the dock by 1200.! This was the last boat of an era when Cuda fishing was something you could make money doing. Jerry sold the boat to Terry R. up in redondo who fished lobsters with it. He sold it to Josh S. who then sold to Unknown up in Ventura. This person put the house on it. Now the boat is being re-re-done by Greg D.