This is a shot of something I did for open cockpit boats to protect the instruments (and allowed outside placement of electronic devices) from the weather.  I took an off the shelf plastic opening port, attached an ABS sheet to block it off and provide a mounting platform for the instruments.  You can open it to operate the electronics in good weather, and close it off in bad weather but still see the instruments.   It didn’t cost a lot of money and worked really well.  By the way, I believe it did the work on Listo sometime around the mid 80’s.  —Chuck Janisse



1978 Seaway "Listo" Seaway is the favorite boat over the years for California’s municipal rescue boats and commercial passenger fishing boats. The clasic “Baywatch” lifeguard boats are Seaways. The Avalon and isthmus Harbor Patrol boats and shoreboats,  Long Beach Lifeguards have used these boats successfully for soooo many years with such dependability that many of these boats are still in active duty. This boat was built for private use and has been maticulously maintained to the highest standards!   A solid boat….Stunning condition!