Baywitch is 28 feet , she had a 6v53 dry stack exhaust and a keel cooler.  held 200 gallons fuel and was very good on fuel , we would run 60 miles to san clemente island , pull traps all day for a week and run back to port with fuel to spare. she was great going down swell , her speed was about eight knots except in a heavy following sea where sometimes she got up as high as 20 knots. twice I had her completely air born punching through the backside of 30 foot breakers and didnt have any problems ! Bob builds a very strong boat ! she was built in the mid 60s and i was her third owner. sold her to a crab fisherman up in santa Barbra in 2005 who totally re did her with a new cumings engine , a new cabin, paint etc. ​